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What Does Mcardit Do For Merchants?

Process payments at 1/2 the cost of Visa & MC with much better fraud prevention and unparalleled access to consumer transaction data that doesn’t come from within your store while converting only 1 in 10 customers.

Break Free From The Ominous Grips of Visa and Mastercard

Mcardit is an omni-channel emerging payments market platform with a consumer facing electronic, direct-debit mobile card that, due to the evolution of best-in-class, fast, reliable identify verification and fraud detection enables merchants to reliably accept direct-from-bank payments.

Fraud Prevention...Keeping The Bad Actors Out

Mcardit incorporates best-in-class KYC, Identification and Fraud Detection at the point of registration, the simple idea being…don’t let bad actors into the ecosystem by making sure each registrant is who they say they are.

Individual Consumer-Specific Transactional Data Access

Realizing the value of being able to provide individual, customer specific purchase and income transactional detail and categorization helps omni-channel businesses that service them tailor their offerings, incentives and rewards.

Agnostic Dynamic Delivery of Incentives and Rewards

Mcardit’s dynamic delivery of incentives and rewards enables each merchant to create their own incentive and rewards thresholds.

How It Works

Our Process...

Step 1: Consumer Enrollment

Consumers can enroll via the Mcardit app or we can pre-enroll a merchant’s existing customers. Registration is an easy, fast and secure process.

Consumer Enrollment

Step 2: Fraud, KYC and ID Verification

Mcardit’s registration process includes spontaneous Identity Verification, Fraud Detection and a Know Your Customer process that compares their name, address, email, phone number to numerous validation criteria. 

The result is that a verified Mcardit registrant has proven to be who they they are.

Step 3: Point of Sale Transactions

Mcardit’s digital card is accessible via NFC reader installed independently or via Google Pay or Apple Pay mobile wallet.
Account Balance

Step 4: Real Time Balance Verification

Merchant’s establish their own transactional rejection thresholds and become part of each transactions approval or decline process.

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