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Slash Those Woocommerce Merchant Fees With Mcardit


Slash Those Woocommerce Fees With Mcardit

Slash Those Woocommerce Merchant Fees With Mcardit

Comparing Mcardit to Stripe

While Stripe is a well-known payment processor, Mcardit offers similar ease of use at half the cost. This makes Mcardit’s pay-by-bank, same day ACH an attractive payment alternative for cost-conscious merchants without compromising on quality.

Saving Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Cost efficiency is crucial for any business. Mcardit delivers top-notch service at a fraction of the price of other processors, allowing you to allocate funds to other critical areas of your business.

Mcardit's Free Plugin For Woocommerce

Instantaneous Customer ID & KYC Fraud Protection

Fraud prevention is a top priority for Mcardit. The platform uses advanced customer ID & KYC verification to ensure that each of your customers is who they say they are and not someone attempting to impersonate them.

Mcardit’s stringent security protocols protect your store from unauthorized customer access.

Welcome To The Future Of Payments With Mcardit

Imagine a world where payment processing is swift, secure, and hassle-free. Enter Mcardit, the game-changer in the e-commerce landscape. This platform not only ensures same-day ACH transfers but does so with unparalleled efficiency, verifying each customer’s identity in a mere 900 milliseconds.

The Rise of Same-Day ACH Transfers

ACH, or Automated Clearing House, transfers have been a cornerstone of modern financial transactions. The evolution to same-day ACH has dramatically increased the speed and convenience for both merchants and customers, making delays a thing of the past.

Same-Day ACH Benefits

ACH transfers facilitate electronic payments between banks. Instead of waiting days for transactions to clear, same-day ACH ensures funds are debited and credited within hours, enhancing cash flow and operational efficiency.

Speed isn’t the only advantage. Same-day ACH significantly reduces the risk of returns.

Safeguarding Your Store

In an era where cyber threats are ever-present, Mcardit’s robust security measures are crucial. The platform’s advanced verification process helps keep your store safe from fraud, ensuring only legitimate customers make their way through checkout.

One of Mcardit’s standout features is its lightning-fast customer identity verification. It all happens in the blink of an eye, in just 900 milliseconds, it ensures that each customer is in fact who they say they are, protecting your business from fraudsters trying to impersonate someone else.

Seamless Account Connection & Payment Tokenization

Connecting a bank account to Mcardit is a breeze. Customers link their accounts effortlessly, paving the way for smoother, faster transactions. This simplicity is key to providing a superior shopping experience.

Mcardit stores a unique payment token for each customer, allowing for repeat purchases without re-entering bank details. This tokenization process not only enhances security but also streamlines the checkout experience, transforming it into an Amazon-like One-Click checkout for returning customers.

Why Repeat Customers Love Mcardit

Inspired by Amazon’s one-click purchase system, Mcardit offers a similar feature. Customers can complete transactions with a single click, making shopping quick and enjoyable, thereby boosting customer loyalty.

Convenience is king in e-commerce, and Mcardit’s one-click payments are a major draw for repeat customers. This seamless experience encourages them to return, knowing their next purchase is just a click away.


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